Daily Punch 10-13-14 Replicator for Pathfinder

Numeria is in full swing, but I was kind of surprised that the artifacts list missed the most obvious item from Star Trek



Replicator                  Technological Artifact

Slot   none                      weight varies

Capacity   varies         Usage  See Text


A replicator is a box of various sizes ranging from a small foot, by foot, by foot desk model to a horse sized models.  This device will create any object that the user can describe to the device with a knowledge(engineering) check equal to the craft check of the object.  The device can only create one object per day and must be provided with enough raw materials (skymetal, gold, rocks, biological material) to create the object with the value equal to the cost of the item.  The entire process takes less the one minute but must be uninterrupted, or the object is destroyed and the components lost.  The number of charges varies based on the size of the object created.


Size Charges
1ftx1ftx1ft 25
4ftx4ftx4ft 125
10ftx10ftx10ft 625



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