Daily Punch 11-14-14 Soulless Shill quality for Shadowrun 5e

If my mages have too much money, my deckers have too much karma in Shadowrun Missions.  Let’s fix that.


Soulless Shill 

Cost: 1 Karma

You’re in it for the cash, and you don’t care how you get it.  In addition to the normal 1 karma for 2,000Y exchange at the end of a mission, you may exchange one additional karma for extra 2,000Y.




Daily Punch 11-13-14 Dedicated Philanthropist quality for Shadowrun

Most of my mages have cash to burn in Shadowrun Missions.  Let’s see if we can help with that….


Dedicated Philanthropist

Cost: 1 Karma

You work for the people, and you pay for the people too.  In addition to the normal, once per mission exchange of 2,000Y for one karma, you may make an additional 2,000Y for one extra karma per missions exchange.




Daily Punch 11-12-14 Discipline Training Feat for DnD 5e

I love spellcasting monks, but I think they don’t get enough options.  How about giving them a few more.


Discipline Training

You have spend most of your life in the temple training body and mind.  Gain the following:

  • Gain +1 to wisdom to a maximum of 20.
  • Gain two more disciplines from those currently available to you.  These may be changed as per the normal rules when gaining new disciplines.


Daily Punch 11-11-14 Monk of the Heavens Monastic Tradition for DnD 5e

I love monks, and I love clerics.  Let’s see if I can mix these two together into one great class.


Monk of the Heavens Monastic Tradition

Monks of the Heavens spend much of their time in practice and prayer.  They are chosen to execute the will of the gods as they strike out from their lone monasteries to hopefully make the world a better place.

You know the touch of silence and one other divine discipline of your choice.  You gain additional disciplines at 6th, 11th, and 17th level.  When you learn a new discipline, you may replace any others you know as you see fit.

Casting Cleric Spells.  Most divine disciplines allow you to cast spells.  These spells are cast as per the Casting Elemental Spells rules on page 80 of the Players handbook.

Divine Disciplines

Touch of Silence.  You may touch a dying ally or enemy and either stabilize or kill that enemy as a bonus action.  If you kill, that creature must make a constitution saving throw or die immediately.

Touch of the Healer. You may cast cure wounds.  You may spend one additional ki point to cast this again and target another creature.  You must still follow the maximum number of ki points allowed per level however.

Touch of the Damned.  You may spend two ki points to cast inflict wounds.

Sights Unseen. You may spend 1 ki point to cast Detect Magic.

Songs of the Heavens. You may spend 1 ki point to cast Bless.

Discords of Hell. You may spend 1 ki point to cast Bane.

Authority of the Teacher. You may spend 1 ki point to cast Command.

Guard of Heaven.  You may spend 1 ki point to cast Shield of Faith.

Heaven’s Training (6th Level Required).  You may spend 2 ki oint to cast Enhance Ability.

Guard from on High(6th Level Required). You may spend 2 ki point to cast Spiritual Weapon.

Master’s Quite(6th Level Required).  You may spend 2 ki point to cast Silence.

True Strength in Self(11th Level Required). You may spend 3 ki point to cast Dispel Magic.

Guide the Soul(11th Level Required). You may spend 3 ki point to cast Revivify.

Speed of Steps(11th Level Required). You may spend 3 ki point to cast Water Walk.

Protect the Faithful(11th Level Required). You may spend 3 ki point to cast Spirit Guardians.

Avatar of the Master(17th Level Required). You may spend 5 ki point to cast Guardian of Faith.

Master’s Castigation(17th Level Required). You may spend 5 ki point to cast Banishment.



Daily Punch 11-10-14 Netherese Shade Sorcerer

I’ve been reading a bunch of old Forgotten Realm’s stuff, and I think its time for the stuff of nightmares to take their place on the world stage.

Netherese Shade Sorcerer

You are the stuff of legend.  You are born from shadow.  Somewhere in your family line, someone was a Shade-a creature of pure darkness who stalked a world of negative energy.  You can now channel that, and it’s slowly consuming you.


Shade Resilience

You begin to get hints of your family history.  At first level you gain resistance on all necrotic energy damage and stealth becomes a trained skill for you.  If you are already strained in stealth, double your proficiency bonus with that skill instead.


Shadows Increase

At 6th level, when you cast a spell that does necrotic energy, you my add your charisma modifier to that damage.  You may spend 1 sorcery point to cast Inflict Wounds.


Shadow Adaption

You are beginning to learn to be a shadow.  At level 14 by spending 1 sorcery point, you may travel from any area of shadow to another area of shadow as a move.  These areas of shadow must not be more then three times your movement speed apart.


Shade Apotheosis

At level 18, you have stopped being mortal and moved beyond.  You are now a shade.  Your race changes to shade.  You now have advantage on stealth checks made in shadow and are now immune to necrotic energy.  In addition, you may now spend 5 sorcery points to cast teleport to teleport as if teleporting to a portal to any area of shadow you know about.




11-7-14 Name cards for the Lord of the Rings Card Game

My wife and I love the Lord of the Rings Card Game.  We play a ton of games together, but we really don’t have any desire to play with others at game store or con events.  A problem with that is, among other things, names can be a problem.  Named heroes can’t play in the same table, so some players have to quickly fix up their decks to play.  How about his idea FFG….



Name/Title cards-  As part of the game night kits, new cards come out that are the nicknames and titles for the characters.  If two or more players want to play Aragorn from the same sphere or just with the same exact name, then these two players take a nickname/title card specific for that character.  These cards could say-Dúnadan,  Longshanks,  Wingfoot, and/or Strider.   Now these same players can play together, tables are not as hard to legally make, and there is some in game effect for having the same cards in play.


I even propose expanding this out for allies.  If a deck has a card like Gandalf and a hero Gandalf is played, then both players take a one time threat increase at the start of the game.



Daily Punch 11-6-14 Hard to Kill feat for DnD Next

I have some barbarians with some massive constitutions out there who will fail three death saving throws while the asthmatic wizard pops up like toast whenever he gets hit because he’s insanely lucky with a d20.  Let’s help those barbarians out there…


Hard to Kill

You’ve survived things that lesser people would never walk away from.  You gain the following benefits:

  • You must fail four death saving throws before you die from your injuries.
  • You may add your constitution bonus to your death saving throws.  If you hit 20 or above, you regain 1HP and regain consciousness as normal.



Daily Punch 11-5-14 Trust Fund quality for Shadowrun 5e

I like that Pathfinder has some Pathfinder Society Specific feats and abilities.  I’d like to see a few of those in Shadowrun.  Let’s make the first one.


Trust Fund

Cost: 2-6 Karma

You’re pretty smart, and you learned to read the megacorps from a young age.  Also, you figured out how to invest in the stock market before you were out of diapers and set up a trust fund to help yourself out no matter what trouble you get yourself into.  Now, you can get a bit of extra scratch each month from those investments.  It’s not going to break the bank, but it get you better than McHue’s for lunch.  You can spend 2, 4, or 6 karma, and at the end of every month of time in Shadowrun Missions gain 500Y, 1000Y, 1500Y from your current stock portfolio.  You may not withdraw the rest of your stocks and only gain this bonus at the end of the month.




11-4-14 Monkey Grip feat for DnD 5e

I’ve been listening to some audiobooks lately, and I want to help those fighters who wield the too big weapons enter the fray!


Monkey Grip

Prerequisite: Strength 18

Benefit: Gain the following:

  • Gain +1 to strength to a maximum of 20
  • You may wield a two-handed weapon one handed and gain the benefit of the two-handed grip for qualities like versatile and general use of the weapon.  If you wield two two-handed weapons, the off-hand attack normally does not add your strength or dexterity to damage.



Ring Side Report-Board Game Review of City Hall

It’s election day.  How about a board game of political maneuvering?


Product– City Hall

Producer– Tasty Minstrel games

Price– ~$60 here http://www.amazon.com/Tasty-Minstrel-Games-TTT1010-City/dp/1938146840/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1415154750&sr=8-3&keywords=city+hall

Set-up/Play/Clean-up-2~2.5 hours (2 to 4 players)

TL; DR– Influence might be you favorite addition to gaming too! 93%


Basics- Want to be mayor?  In City Hall, each player is striving to win enough public support to become mayor of New York.  To do that, players try to our maneuver or out influence each other through action selection and territory control.  Each round, players take turns placing a meeple on one of seven offices in the town: tax assessor, surveyor, campaign manager, lobbyist, zoning board, deputy mayor, and health commissioner.  The tax assessor position provides money based on the locations owned on the board and current population score.  The surveyor allows a player to buy new positions on the board.  The campaign manager increases your approval rating.  The lobbyist gets the player more lobbying cards (more on that later).  The zoning board allows a player to build on places that the players owns on the board.  The deputy mayor changes the order of players.  And, the health commissioner grants players population based on the number of stars the player has on the board with the player with the most getting 4 population while all other players get slightly less population.  What makes this action selection game stand out are the influence cards.  When you choose an office, you bid a number of influence cards.  Every other player in turn order can increase that bid, bid the same, or not bid at all.  When it gets back to you, you get to either pay the highest bid to the bank or take influence cards from the highest bidding player and they take your action with that office instead.  The game is also a territory control game.  When you use the zoning board to build on a location you own, you choose one of four different buildings from your hand that range from factory, park, tower, and housing.  Factories are worth $7 when you are the tax assessor, but only one star.  Housing is worth a maximum of five stars, but has no tax value.  Towers are a combination of the two with one tower being a max of three stars and $3 for tax.  In addition, you can build parks which are worth no taxes and no stars.  All buildings are worth nothing by themselves, but gain and lose stars depending on what buildings are adjacent. (Location, Location, Location!)  Towers, housing, and parks always increase stars, but factories decrease the values of nearby housing.  Thus, you have to carefully plan and capitalize on situations so you can have the most stars.  Stars help you when you take the health commissioner action.  Each player counts their total stars on all building with the player who got the commissioner action either adding three to their score or doubling their score.  The player with the most stars then moves up the population tracker by four, the next by two, and the third place player getting 1.  Each time a player selects the zoning board in addition to the action of gaining building cards and building on a location, a token moves up the approval rating, and when either that token or a player’s token gets to five approval, the game is over.  Players multiply their population total by their approval rating for their points.  Additional points are given out for most parks, most influence, and other factors at the end of the game, and the player with the most points wins the election and is now mayor.


Mechanics-This is a fun one.  I’ve seen the combination of action selection and territory control before, but the addition of the influence cards really knocks this game out of the park.  The different actions are simple and quick so the game moves at a good clip.  Also, the game has a built in end.  You only get so many moves to build, and letting your opponents have any of those moves could be devastating.  When you steal an action with influence is such an important part of this game, and in my opinion, influence is the most fun part of this game.  Honestly, this might be my favorite game from Tasty Minstrel Games for the influence mechanic alone.   5/5


Theme-This game feels like political maneuvering, but it doesn’t feel like an election.  Influence and stealing turns feels like politicians fighting over what gets to make what happen.  It’s an amazing game in that respect.  However, I didn’t feel like I was running for an election instead of just maneuvering to get people to move to my places across town.  It felt more like I was running a chain of hotels and businesses than a true mayoral race. 4/5


Instructions-These instructions are done pretty well. The rules by themselves teach how to play well.  I was left with a few questions such as are your cards secret?  These were minor questions however.  Also, I would have liked a few more pictures in the rules, but overall the rules were clear and easy to read. 4.5/5


Execution– I like the way the game is produced.  I would have like bigger cards, but the card size keeps the total game size down.  The board is easy to read, and each player gets a player board to help them understand what each position does.  That really helps speed play up.  However, I have a major problem with this game.  There are not nearly enough stars!  The game comes with a single sheet of punch out stars.   That is about half of what you need for a good sized game.  I know I am not the only one who has had that problem.  4.5/5


Summary– This game might have one of my favorite new mechanics.  I’ve seen action selection before.  I’ve seen area control/management before.  What I haven’t seen is action bidding/stealing before.  That’s a small change that really adds a ton to this game.  This game isn’t perfect as some small problems in the execution, instructions, and theme hurt this game a bit.  But, what is here is a quick, excellent board game with lots of political maneuvering that I want to get to the table as soon as I can again. 93%