Book Bout-Book Review of Rise of the King


Book-Rise of the King- The Companions Codex #2

Author– R. A. Salvatore

Voice- Victor Bevine

Book- ~$14 here

Audiobook- ~$20 here

TL; DR-Best Drizzit Book so far! 93%


Basics-The orcs are on the move!  Can Drizzit stop the orc hoards with their drow puppeteers and grapple with the moral implications of orc right and wrong?  Can Drizzit save the Silver Marshes or will the world fall into the clutches of Loth?


Characters-I’ve written about Drizzit before.  He’s not my favorite fantasy character, but this one doesn’t just focus on him.  He’s here in this book, and he’s in the spot light just the right amount.  This book is truly an ensemble cast with both enemy drow and distant humans all taking a turn in the spot light.  It’s a well done book with lots of different characters.  A character might only get five pages of screen time, but you do feel like that person is a whole.  It’s not perfect, but it’s done really well. 4.5/5


Setting-It’s R. A. Salvatore and Drizzit.  Of course the Realms gets a great treatment.  The Silver Marshes and Sword Coast are being dragged through the mud, but it’s still well done Forgotten Realms. 5/5


Story– Here’s where everything comes together.  Salvatore is using lots of different characters to tell lots of different perspectives on the same story.  He’s using the best show don’t tell I’ve seen from him in a while.  Instead of letting Drizzit monologue about “Can orcs be good?” he’s got lots of people running around as a giant plan is coming together.  What hamstring all this is that the book is set in the past.  Drizzit and his creator Salvatore are both telling another side of the history to a DnD encounters season.  It’s well done, but you know Drizzit will win, the Sword Coast is ok, and his friends will be fine.  But, it’s still a fun ride.  4.5/5


Summary-Honestly, it’s taken me a bit to love the Drizzit story.  I stared reading Salvatore because he writes for the realms.  I love the Forgotten Realms, and to know what’s going on, I had to read his stuff.  But, now after books like this one, I have to say, I’m pretty happy I stuck it out.  This might not be the best place to start reading Drizzit books, being the middle of a series and all, but this book made me the happiest to read.  I’m now on board with this series and Salvatore’s writing.  I can only hope the next one is just like this one!  93%.


Audiobook Extra- Victor Bevine has to cover a ton of ground for this one.  If a book only has one character, then a reader only has to cover one voice.  Salvatore wrote a bunch of different characters, and Victor rose to the challenge.  Well done!  5 /5


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