Daily Punch 12-24-14 Universalist Wizard for DnD 5e

How about a Universalist Wizard Arcane Tradition for DnD 5e?


Universalist Wizard

Instead of focusing, you choose to study longer and harder then your fellows examining all the schools of magic.  This has given you powers over all magic, but you have mastered none.

Broad Studies

You know a little about all magic.  At level 2 for every spell level of magic you know, you gain one extra spell slot.  This continues as you learn higher level spell slots.


Surprising Recall

You can often recall a spell from just your memory based on your studies instead of your daily preparations.  At level 6 increase the number of spell you you can prepare daily by your intelligence modifier.


General Focus

You’ve learned a little bit about how to maximize or minimize every school you’ve studied.  At level 10, once per day per school of magic, before the target rolls a saving throw you can grant advantage or disadvantage to its saving throw against a spell you cast.


Student of the Many Ways

You have a unique knowledge of how magic flows.  Instead of learning just how one type of spell moves, you see the flow of them all. At level 14, you can choose one effect per day.  You can gain advantage on all saving throws against magic and magic effects or you can choose to have disadvantage on saving throws against magic effects to impart disadvantage on all saving throws against spells you cast and advantage on all spells you cast that require an attack roll.  This choice is mad when you prepare spells for the day.


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