Daily Punch 7-12-19 Daemonologist Wizard arcane tradition for DnD 5e

Ok, let’s get back to fighting devils. How about a wizard that fights them by binding them?

School of Daemonologists

You view a hammer as a tool. You can build a church with one or you can kill with the same hammer. Demons and devils are just tools for you to use. Left unchecked they thirst for inocent blood and souls, but when properly controlled, you can build astounding things. They are your tools, and you are their wielder. Devils, demons, and the random daemon all fall under your toolbox, so you use them as you see fit.

Bound Servent

Beginning when you select this school at 2nd level, you gain a familiar fiend, as per the find familiar spell, except the familiar must be a fiend and can be up to CR 1. As an action on your turn, you can directly command the fiend to take an action of your choice. When you take a move action, your fiend takes a move as part of that action.

Bonus Spells

Beginning at 2nd level, you gain the following spells into your spell book:Protection from Evil and Good, Hold Person, Banishment, and Dispel Evil and Good. Your wizard level must be an equal level to a cleric who is able to cast these spells for you to cast these spells, but your training has granted you access to these spells when you are ready.

Powerful Weapon

Starting at 6th level, your bound servent can now be commanded by a bonus action and can be up to CR 2.

Daemonic Studies

Beginning at 10th level, you’ve studied enough fiend names that now you can recall them as part of your spells. Any spell that specifies a creature type can now be applied to fiends.

Diabolic Spellbook

Starting at 14th level, you pour power into your bound creature. It can now be a creature up to CR 4 and metamorphs into a CR 4 fiend of your choice. Furthermore, your find familiar spell now painfully carves your spellbook into the flesh of the fiend. You no longer need to carry your spellbook and can simply read the creature to prepare spells each day.

Daily Punch 5-18-18 Merlin’s Apprentice arcane tradition for DnD 5e

Let’s finish out the giant book strong.  Here’s one for the wizards who use giants to do their dirty work!


Merlin’s Apprentice

You follow a master who needs no introduction.  A trickster and wise-man from an early age he guides you, molds you, and shows you how to work magic that is not always arcane or even uses spells!  He shows you ways to handle situations that sometimes use friendship, guile, and occasionally a spell.

Master of the Real Magic

Beginning at 2nd level, you see what the master says when guiding men is more important than mastering magic.  You gain proficiency in Charisma(diplomacy) and Wisdom(insight).  If you are already trained in either, gain the rogue’s expertise class feature for that skill or possibly both.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Starting at 6th level, the master shows you how to move around unhindered among men not paying attention.  Twice per day you can use a druid’s Wild Shape ability as a druid of your level or cast disguise self  without it consuming a spell slot.

Good Friends are a Good Find

Beginning at 10th level, the master introduces you to his friends.  You can cast conjure elemental but instead of conjuring an elemental you conjure a giant of equal CR.  This spell does not consume a spell slot.  If you lost control of this giant, it is not hostile to you unless you act hostile to it.

The Master’s Final Lesson

Starting at 14th level,  you learn the final lesson you master never learned himself.  You are immune to all spell and effects that charm you and have advantage on all saving throws against spells of the enchantment, abjuration, and conjuration schools.



Daily Punch 1-22-14 Arcane Master arcane tradition for wizards for DnD 5e

I mentioned a player really loved the arcane familiar, but wants to expand the creature she can get.  Let’s make that an arcane tradition.


Arcane Master

You have bound creatures to your service.  They work for you and do your bidding unquestioningly.

Master Manipulator

When you select this school at second, you gain the arcane familiar as an extra known spell.  Once per day, you am perform this spell as an action with no cost instead of its normal time and cost.  You do not have to have the spell prepared to cast the spell in this way.  Your familiar can be any type as long as the creature is not humanoid and has an intelligence of less than 7.

Bonded Power

As you gain power, so does the creatures you summon.  You may choose a creature of a challenge rating up to 1/4 your level to be your familiar.

One Mind of Two Bodies

Starting at level 10, when you at damaged, you can assign the damage to your familiar.  If your familiar is damaged, you can assign that damage to yourself.

Two Minds

Beginning at 14th level, you gain an extra action that can only be used to cause your familiar to attack a target.  If your familiar hits the target, the creature takes disadvantage on any saving throw or you gain advantage on your next attack roll against the target when you cast a spell at the target this turn.

Daily Punch 12-24-14 Universalist Wizard for DnD 5e

How about a Universalist Wizard Arcane Tradition for DnD 5e?


Universalist Wizard

Instead of focusing, you choose to study longer and harder then your fellows examining all the schools of magic.  This has given you powers over all magic, but you have mastered none.

Broad Studies

You know a little about all magic.  At level 2 for every spell level of magic you know, you gain one extra spell slot.  This continues as you learn higher level spell slots.


Surprising Recall

You can often recall a spell from just your memory based on your studies instead of your daily preparations.  At level 6 increase the number of spell you you can prepare daily by your intelligence modifier.


General Focus

You’ve learned a little bit about how to maximize or minimize every school you’ve studied.  At level 10, once per day per school of magic, before the target rolls a saving throw you can grant advantage or disadvantage to its saving throw against a spell you cast.


Student of the Many Ways

You have a unique knowledge of how magic flows.  Instead of learning just how one type of spell moves, you see the flow of them all. At level 14, you can choose one effect per day.  You can gain advantage on all saving throws against magic and magic effects or you can choose to have disadvantage on saving throws against magic effects to impart disadvantage on all saving throws against spells you cast and advantage on all spells you cast that require an attack roll.  This choice is mad when you prepare spells for the day.