Daily Punch 1-22-14 Arcane Master arcane tradition for wizards for DnD 5e

I mentioned a player really loved the arcane familiar, but wants to expand the creature she can get.  Let’s make that an arcane tradition.


Arcane Master

You have bound creatures to your service.  They work for you and do your bidding unquestioningly.

Master Manipulator

When you select this school at second, you gain the arcane familiar as an extra known spell.  Once per day, you am perform this spell as an action with no cost instead of its normal time and cost.  You do not have to have the spell prepared to cast the spell in this way.  Your familiar can be any type as long as the creature is not humanoid and has an intelligence of less than 7.

Bonded Power

As you gain power, so does the creatures you summon.  You may choose a creature of a challenge rating up to 1/4 your level to be your familiar.

One Mind of Two Bodies

Starting at level 10, when you at damaged, you can assign the damage to your familiar.  If your familiar is damaged, you can assign that damage to yourself.

Two Minds

Beginning at 14th level, you gain an extra action that can only be used to cause your familiar to attack a target.  If your familiar hits the target, the creature takes disadvantage on any saving throw or you gain advantage on your next attack roll against the target when you cast a spell at the target this turn.


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