Daily Punch 12-23-14 Gravity Spell for Shadowrun 5e

If there’ is gravity in 5e, there really needs to be gravity spell in Shadowrun!




Type: P         Range:LOS

Duration:S  Drain: F-1

Gravity allows you to increase the mass of a person or object.  You have to beat a threshold of the subjects new intended mass divided by 200 kilograms, rounded up.  The subject of the spell instantly acquires the new mass, but does not change is current size or shape.  If the subject has an Agility or Strength strength score, it takes a penalty to all Agility and Strength checks equal the the threshold that the spell caster had to beat to cast the spell.  However, it gains a bonus to Body equal to the same threshold.

If you are trying to cast gravity on an unwilling living being or an item held by an unwilling living being, that being can defend against the Spellcasting test with Strength + Body.  You can use this spell on yourself if you need to sing like a rock quickly in Lake Michigan.

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