Ring Side Report- RPG Review of PFS Scenario #6–06: Hall of the Flesh Eaters


Product– Pathfinder Society Scenario #6–06: Hall of the Flesh Eaters

System– Pathfinder

Producer– Paizo

Price– ~$ 4 here http://paizo.com/products/btpy9986?Pathfinder-Society-Scenario-6-06-Hall-of-the-Flesh-Eaters

TL; DR– A short dungeon crawl. 87%


Basics– Time to go to the Shackles!  Among the Gloomspires rests Sevenfingers’ treasure hoard.  A new finding by the Pathfinders will allow the explorers to find the proper shifting island where the hoard is buried.  Can the Pathfinders survive the island the treasure is hidden on and explore the dangerous depths of the cavern below it?


Theme or Fluff-This adventure was a fun one, but the fact that it was in the Shackles or dealing with pirates wasn’t a main focus.  It is more of a dungeon crawl.  But, the dungeon isn’t that large, so it’s hard to get going as you’re done before you almost start.  It’s fun, but you will have to add your own pirate focus to get the theme of a dungeon crawl for pirate treasure to come through.  Also, this is the first part of a few adventures on this island.  There is a record screeching halt in one area as the map basically give the equivalent of an invisible wall to hid the next adventure.  This will be filled in in later adventures, but I really don’t like having to tell my explorers not to explore! 4/5


Mechanics or Crunch– As I said in the theme, this is mostly a dungeon crawl.  Before the Dungeon is a short above ground section, but there is not much to do after an encounter happens up there.  In the dungeon there are some unique events and traps that make some of the later encounters more interesting.  The encounters that do happen are well balanced.  But, as a dungeon crawl, it’s pretty short and easy. 4.5/5


Execution-What is here is well done.  I like the spacing of the text, the maps, and the general layout.  I’ve written before that I would like more description in these encounter blocks, but that is a general issue I have with all the PFS documents. 4.5/5


Summary– This is a short, fun dungeon crawl.  It’s pretty linier, but that doesn’t make it bad.  If your players want to start some adventures in the Shackles, this isn’t a bad adventure to start a quest line off of.  I would have liked a bit more as it felt short, and a down to business party will get through this in less than two hours.  As a GM, it ran smooth, and my party had fun.  That’s the mark of a good adventure.  I don’t like invisible walls in an RPG, but I am curious what the next adventure will be. 87%


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