Daily Punch 1-1-15 Lich Bloodline Sorcerer for Pathfinder

Why be a ghoul, when you can be a lich?

Lich Bloodline

Someone in your parentage was not alive.  Moreso, they were the animated corpse of a powerfull wizard or cleric.  Now, that power courses through you.

Class Skill: Knowledge(Religion).

Bonus Spells

inflict light wounds (3rd), Spectral Hand (5th), Animate Dead, Lesser  (7th), Animate Dead(9th), Fleshworm Infestation  (11th), Create Undead (13th), control undead (15th), Create Greater Undead (17th), Canopic Conversion (19th).

Bonus Feats

Combat Casting, Skill Focus (Knowledge [religion]), Spell Focus (necromancy),Sorcerous Bloodstrike, Toughness, Weapon Finesse,Uncanny Concentration, Undead Master.

Bloodline Arcana

Whenever you cast a spell that does necrotic damage, you are healed of 1/4 the hit point damage dealt.

Bloodline Powers

Necrotic Lance(Su)-Starting at 1st level, you can shoot a beam of pure necrotic energy at your targets as a ranged touch attack to a target in 30 feet.  This beam does 1d6+ 1 point of negative energy damage per two class levels you have.  You can do this a number of time per day equal to 3 + your charisma modifier.

Skeletal Appearance(Ex)-Starting at 3rd level, you gain DR-5/bludgeoning and resist 5 cold, electricity, and negative energy damage.  At level 9 this becomes DR-10/bludgeoning and magic and resist 10 cold, electricity, negative energy damage.  At level 15, you gain DR-15/bludgeoning magic and resist 15 cold, electricity, and negative energy damage

Fear Aura(Ex)-Starting at 9th level, you gain a fear aura, All creatures with hit dice of less then half your hit dice must make a Will save (DC 10+ your charisma mod + 1/2 your hit dice) or be shaken for a number of rounds equal to your hit dice.  A creature that makes this save is not affected by your fear aura for 24 hours.

Paralyzing Touch(Ex)-Staring at 15th level, you now paralyze the living who touch you.  Any creature that willingly touches you must make a Fortitude save (DC 10+ your charisma mod + 1/2 your hit dice), or be paralyzed for a a number of rounds equal to your hit dice.  At the end of each round, the creature may make Fortitude save to end the condition.  This may be triggered by an attack on you or by you making a melee touch attack.

Lich Apotheosis(Su)-At level 20, you become a lich.  Create a phylactery as per the lich rules.  If you die, you may return to this phylactery if needed and you regenerate in 1d10 days.  In addition, you constitution score becomes 0, and your Fortitude save and bonus hit points per lever are now calculated based on your charisma modifier.  Your resistances from skeletal appearance now are 20/bludgeoning magic and immunity to cold,  electricity, sleep, negative energy , and non-lethal damage



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