Ring Side Report- RPG Review of Shadowrun: London Falling

Product– Shadowrun: London Falling

System– Shadowrun 5e, Shadowrun 4e

Producer– Catalyst

Price– $12 here http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/140722/Shadowrun-London-Falling

TL; DR– Fun adventures, not by favorite execution. 83%


Basics– Let’s run in jolly future England!  London Falling is a series of Shadowrun convention specials that have been updated and formatted for public play.  Players get to take part in slightly harder than normal runs that decide the fate of 2070’s England in adventures that are part of the Shadowrun Missions living game.  Can you handle the pressure of these runs and get home for tea time?

Mechanics or Crunch-Get ready for hard mode!  The con Shadowrun Missions are all made with a “big risk, big rewards” mentality, and it shows.  What’s here is hard core Shadowrun.  It’s fun and done well, but you might have to keep this in mind when you run the adventure as newer players might not stand a chance. 5/5

Theme or Fluff- Overall, the adventures are well done.  Seattle is fine, but it’s fun to run in a completely different location for once.  However, I think since this is a different place, I’d like more background for my players and myself as a GM.  Sure, I can hand wave some stuff, but I’d like a small section to help me better understand the world as I present it in game.  One mission has this, but why not the others? Also, some of the descriptions of locations and layouts are not done as well as I’d like.  It leaves a ton up to the GM to decide.  I can work with that, but I’d like there to be a bit more to help me set the scene.  4/5


Execution– While I’m overall happy with the crunch and fluff of this product, the execution is semi-lacking.  A major flaw is the lack of contact sheets and adventure summary sheets in the back of the book!  These are already Shadowrun missions adventures, so those sheets exist, so why are they not here?  That knocks of some of the score.  What is interesting is some of the mix between 4e and 5e as the contacts get the full treatment of how each type of contact will give you some information.  But, some of the contacts are all mixed up.  Art, your default Mr. Johnson for several of the missions, isn’t given a full rundown until the second mission.  That’s kind of strange as he’d be really helpful if presented in the first one.  That kind of summarizes the execution as a whole.  What is here isn’t bad, but I’d just need a bit more and a bit better organized.  3.5/5

Summary– If you want some Shadowrun Missions, then you’re going to get this.  If you know your Shadowrun, this is a great resource for more easy to run, quick to prep missions.  However, if you don’t have all the Shadowrun world lore or an encyclopedic knowledge of 2070’s England and London, you’re going to have a tougher time running these adventures.  I did enjoy them, but I need more.  I need my mission sheets.  I need more information as I love Shadowrun, but don’t have the near 30 years of real world background to run these missions as well as a Seattle run.  These are fun missions that are hard core with some hard traps but also some great rewards, so new players may need a bit of extra help to survive and win those rewards.  New GMs may need a bit more background to know all that is going on in the world.  Overall, it’s an ok book that provides some fun missions, but requires lots of extra work from your GM. 83 %

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