Daily Punch 9-1-15 Your Fu is \/\/34k! Interrupt Action for Shadowrun 5e

I haven’t seen a ton of the interrupt actions since Run and Gun, but I think there should be more. How about one for the decker?

Your Fu is \/\/34k!
Interrupt Action (-7 Initiative Score)
We’ve all seen a drek head who think he’s nova hot when he gets his first Erika. And sometimes, just sometimes, Mommy needs to step up to the plate and tell this little fart where he ranks in the pecking order. When your deck or an object slaved to your deck is attacked via the matrix, you are aware of the attack, and your willpower + firewall or intuition + firewall beats the attackers dice total, you may immediately respond with your own complex matrix action. You gain a bonus to your dice pool for this matrix action equal to the difference between your defense successes and the attacker’s successes.


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