Daily Punch 12-7-15 Conjure Clockwork Servent spell for Shadow of the Demon Lord

You know what I want in my Shadow of my Demon Lord?  I want some Star Wars!  Let’s make C-3PO!



Area A cure of space, 1 yard on a side, originating from a point within short range and resting on a solid surface

Duration 1 hour_______________________                  

You  creature a medium mechanical servant within the area.  The servant cannot attack, but it can take its own actions, if directed to do so.   It unerringly obeys all commands, but may do so in its own way or comment as it and the GM feels necessary.  The servant speaks all the languages you know but also know two more then you do.  The servant has the following stats:


size 1

Perception 15 (+5); darksight

Defense 15 Health 20

Strength 14(+4) Agility 12 (+2) Intellect 15 (+5) Will 13 (+3)

Speed 10

Immune gaining insanity, blinded, asleep, fatigued, charmed, diseased, frightened, poisoned, stunned



Permanence if you spend rare ingredients worth 1gc when you cast this spell, the effect instead lasts until you complete a rest.  If you cast the spell this way each day for one month, one week, and one day, the clockwork servant becomes permanently alive.

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