Daily Punch 12-8-15 Acid Vial spell for Shadow of the Demon Lord

I want to make a new tradition.  We have technology, but what about alchemy?  I’m a biochemist, so let’s make some chemistry in Shadow of the Demon Lord!


ACID VIAL                                          ALCHEMY  ATTACK 0

Target One creature within medium range


You quickly pull a vial of solvent off you belt and throw it at the target.  Make a Intellect attack roll against its Agility.  On a success, the target takes 1d3+1 damage and the target is covered in the acid.  For the next minute, the target will make an Agility challenge roll at the start of each of its turns.  If it fails, the target takes 1d3 damage.  If it succeeds, the target shacks off the acid and no longer needs to make any more challenge rolls from this spell.




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