Daily Punch 1-21-16 Magic Dabbler feat for Pathfinder

I haven’t done Pathfinder feats in a while, so let’s do a string of them.  How about some feats to get you spellcasting (slightly) when you don’t normally do that?


Magic Dabbler

Your training might not be much now, but it’s a start!.

Prerequisite(s): Must not be part of a spellcasting class

Benefit: Choose a spellcasting class that you qualify for.  You learn two zero-level spells of the class and can use them a number of time per day equal to the ability modifier used for spell casting in that class.  You cast these spells as if you were a member of that class and must follow the spellcasting requirements of these spells and class.  Your character level is your level in a spellcasting class for all level dependent parts of any spells.

Special: You may not use these spells to qualify for a spellcasting class or prestige path.  If you gain levels in a spellcasting class, archetype or prestige path, you lose this feat and must retrain as per normal rules.



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