Daily Punch 1-26-16 Magic Master feat for Pathfinder

Last feat in this feat chain for Pathfinder


Magic Master

You’ve gone as far as an outsider can go.

Prerequisite(s): Magic Acolyte

Benefit: You gain the ability to cast your 2nd level spell from Magic Acolyte one more time per day.  Choose one 3rd level spell from the spellcasting class you selected from Magic Dabbler.  You can now cast that spell one time per day as per the rules of that spell and the spellcasting class you selected previously.

Special: You may not use these spells to qualify for a spellcasting class or prestige path.  If you gain levels in a spellcasting class, archetype or prestige path, you lose this feat and must retrain as per normal rules.



2 thoughts on “Daily Punch 1-26-16 Magic Master feat for Pathfinder

  1. I think that the feat tree is fine if used as it seems to be intended (to splash a bit of magical power onto an otherwise non-magic class) and is probably providing bonuses proportional to a feat in that context, but I have one rules question and can see two problems:

    Rules) What’s your caster level for these spells? A full BAB fighter that can throw out a divine favour at their caster level is getting an awful lot out of the feat.

    Abuse #1) Some classes that access spells at later levels have particularly good spells at lower levels than normal. Have you considered the consequences of someone accessing something like the antipaladin spell list through this.

    Abuse #2) Some particularly powerful prestige classes are balanced around the notion that they require some unfavourable multiclassing to enter. Have you considered the consequence of people using this feat to access stuff like full BAB arcane archer or full sneak attack arcane trickster?

    1. You’re right. I don’t mid a full fighter throwing one fireball a day if he spends several feats to do it. That doesn’t seem too unbalanced to me, but the other problems you present could be interesting. I’ll add some notes to the feats to help prevent some abuse. Thanks!

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