Daily Punch 2-28-18 Dreadnought Soldier Fighting Style for Starfinder


Alright, let’s get make a soldier Fighting Style.  I like heavy armor and hurting people, so here is a semi-fighter berserker.




You are a wall of force.  You use heavy weapons and heavy armor to simply smash through everything around you.  Pain fuels your as much as the quest for glory

Unstoppable (Ex) 1st Level

When you are wearing heavy or power armor, remove any negative adjustments you have to speed.

Indomitable (Ex) 5th Level

Starting at 5th level,  you  you gain damage reduction to all damage equal to 1/2 your level minimum 2 .  If another effect give your DR, you add this damage reduction to the effect..

Relentless (Ex) 9th Level

If you take damage equal to your level in a round, you gain a +4 bonus to all attacks made the next round.

Armorer(Ex) 13th Level

You build and rebuild your weapons of war.  Your EAC and KAC increase by a +4 moral bonus.

Fuel to the Fire Within (Ex) 17th Level

You can pour all the anger of the last round into a single swing or shot.  Make a single attack as a full round action.  If you succeed, you add the total damage you would have taking including damage reduced by your indomitable ability that you took from the end of your last round to the start of this round, including effects that occur at the start of your turn, to that attack’s damage.

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