Daily Punch 11-4-20 Caustic Pop spell for Castles and Crusades

Time for some more Castles and Crusades

Caustic Pop Level 2 wizard
CT Special R 30 feet D 1 rd./2 lvl.

SV special SR yes Comp V, S
The caster flings a bit of slug slime at a target in range. The caster must succeed with a
ranged touch attack to hit the target. If the target is hit, glob deals 1d4
points of acid damage and then blog splashes at all targets within 30 feet. All targets that fails a Dexterity saving throw are covered in the acid and are dealt 1d4 points of acid damage. For every two caster levels the acid, unless somehow neutralized, lasts an additional round and deals another 1d4 points each round.
The material component for this spell is a ball of slug slime.


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