Daily Punch 11-11-20 Disfigure spell for Shadowrun

Why not throw one more version up here? Shadowrun doesn’t get enough love!

Touch P Special 6
You touch a target and carve into it’s very well and flesh breaking spirit and spine in the process causing the target to lesson with this curse. The caster decides which attribute or skill to target before casting the spell. The caster rolls a Sorcery + Magic vs. Willpower+targeted attribute or Willpower + targeted skill. They can select how many net hits they actually apply to the target at a rate of 1 point of decrease per 2 net hits for a skill and 1 point decreased per 4 net hits for an attribute; for each net hit applied
beyond the second, the Drain Value of the spell increases by 1. A caster my not target the same attribute or skill but may target other attributes and skills later and other casters may target the same skill if they choose. This spell lasts for 30 days, you end the curse with a thought, or the caster of the spell dies.


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