Daily Punch 12-1-20 Belt of Shocking Grasp worn item for Pathfinder 2e

How about some love for Pathfinder 2e for Monday’s item?

Belt of Shocking Grasp Item 3+

Evocation Magical
Bulk L (or —)

This simple dark leather belt is inlayed with tracery of silver prevents the wearer from being grabbed. 

Activate you are grabbed or swallowed (no action); Effect The grabbing creature must make a DC 19 Fortitude save.

Critical Success The target is unaffected.
Success The target takes 1d3 electricity damage.
Failure The target takes 1d6 electricity damage and must end the grab.
Critical Failure The target 1d6 electricity damage, must end the grab, and is stunned 1.

Craft Requirements You must supply a casting of shocking grasp of the appropriate level.

Belt of Shocking Grasp (Lesser)Item 3

Price 60 gp

Belt of Shocking Grasp (Moderate)Item 10

Price 900 gp
The base damage is increased to 3d6 electricity damage, half on a successful save, and the DC increases to 27.

Belt of Shocking Grasp (Greater)Item 18

Price 19,000 gp
The base damage is increased to 4d6, half on a successful save, and the DC increases to DC 37.


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