Daily Punch 12-21-20 Candy Crush Spell for DCC RPG

DCC needs a Santa Claus patron. Let’s work on that! First, some spells for that patron.

Candry Crush
Level: 1Range SelfDuration: 1 round per CLCasting time: 1 actionSave: N/A
GeneralThe caster crushes a piece of candy and gains powers based on his control of the candy!
ManifestationRoll 1d4: 1-The caster unraps a piece of candy and eats it; (2)the caster crushes a piece and blows it into the wind; (3) The caster swips into the air and glowing pieces of candy flash before everyone; (4) The caster reaches into the air and from between joined hands pulls a glowing candy cane out and waves it like a wand
CorruptionRoll 1d4:(1)The caster’s teeth begin to rot with cavities; (2) streaks like candy canes appear on the caster’s body. (3) the caster gains pieces of candy imbedded in their skin. (4)the caster’s food turns into candy corn
MisfireRoll 1d4:(1)The caster’s mouth fills with sour taste to the point he gains a -4 attack rolls, saving throws, spell checks, and to initiative; (2) The caster’s bones turn to candy and break easily causing double damage for 1d6 rounds. (3) Everything tastes like candy so the caster tries to eat everything and everyone for 1d4 rounds. (4)The caster must make a DC 10 Fort save or he turns into a cookie gingerbread man for 1d6 rounds. He can move freely as this cookie, but has a 1 for Strength, Agility, and Stamina until the spell ends.
1Lost, failure, and worse! Roll 1d6 modified by Luck: (0 or less) corruption + patron taint + misfire; (1-2)corruption; (3+) misfire.
2-11Lost, failure
12-13You shot a piece of candy at an enemy doing 1d4 points of damage. No save
14-17You summon forth a sword made of pure candy cane. the sword does 1d6 + intelligence modifier damage upon a hit and counts as magic. Any damaged tissue is turned to candy and can only be healed by magic. You may choose a lower result if you so choose.
18-19Throw three pieces of candy each doing 1d8 points of damage to a target. No save. You may choose a lower result if you so choose.
20-23You or someone of your choosing within 30 feet gain the armor of the candy knight. You gain plate armor with an additional +4 bonus to AC. You may choose a lower result if you so choose.
24-27You target one enemy you can see and they crush from the outside in like the candy between your fingers. The target takes 2d24 crushing damage. This damage my only be healed via magic. If the enemy dies from this damage, it explodes into candy. You may choose a lower result if you so choose.
28-31You or another ally becomes the candy knight. Gain plate armor with a +4 extra bonus as well as the candy sword that does 1d8 damage that can only be healed via magic as the wound turns to candy. You are also immune to any fire damage as you no longer melt in any hand. You can choose a lower result if you so choose.
32+Choose a target in range with less than 60 HP total. That target instantly explodes into hundreds of pieces of candy

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