Daily Punch 7-28-21 Cardiostimulant technological item for Starfinder

How about healing on call for Starfinder?


This small flat panel has a number of small needles on the other side. When placed over the heart, each panel has enough battery power to deliver a single charge to the heart or heart-like organ of a creature. Upon being reduced to zero hit points and no cardiovascular activity, the cardiostimulant will deliver its charge in a massive dose reviving the wearer and healing a number of hit points a shown below. Once used, the device falls off.

Mk 11d6 Hit Points
Mk 23d6 Hit Points
Mk 36d6 Hit Points

 Cardiostimulant, Mk 1

Level 1; Price 50; Bulk L

Cardiostimulant, Mk 2

Level 5; Price 425; Bulk L

 Cardiostimulant, Mk 3

Level 9; Price 1,950; Bulk L

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