Daily Punch 10-19-21 Dominate Undead spell for Pathfinder 2nd Ed.

How about taking over some undead in Pathfinder 2nd Ed?

Dominate Undead Spell 2

Traditions arcane, occult
Bloodlines undead

Two Actions

somatic, verbal
Range touch; Targets 1 mindless undead
Saving Throw Will; Duration varies

With a touch, you attempt to put your soul temporarily into an undead.. The target must attempt a Will save.

Success The target is unaffected.

Failure You immediately fall unconscious and you awake into the undead body. It has the hit points and abilities it had before and you maintain your mental faculties but can not use any abilities you normally have. The spell has a duration of 1 hour, your physical body takes any damage, the undead us destroyed, the undead moves more than one mile away from your body or leaves this plane, or you end this spell as an action .

Heightened (8th) You can

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