Daily Punch 5-24-22 Home Cooked Meal ritual for Pathfinder 2nd Ed

Let’s port this idea to PF2 as well!

Home Cooked Meal Ritual 5

Common Conjuration
Cast 1 hour; Cost 10 gp; Secondary Casters 1
Primary Check Nature or Religion; Secondary Checks Diplomacy or Society
Range 100 feet

You spend an hour working to bring the flavors and feelings of home to your allies for a meal. At the meal’s end, the ritual is completed and you and the secondary caster attempt your checks as normal. If the feast is interrupted at any point, the ritual is disrupted, but you still count as having eaten.

Critical Success The feast is feeds your soul. The magical food is affected by enhance victuals. Each guest also recovers 20 Hit Points and gains 10 temporary Hit Points for the next 12 hours. Guests also gain a +1 status bonus to saves against fear and poison effects for the next 12 hours.
Success As critical success, except guests recover only 10 Hit Points, gain only 5 temporary Hit Points, and don’t gain the status bonus to saves.
Failure Your food tastes bad and you feel sad your friends do not enjoy hour home cooking.
Critical Failure The strangeness of your homelands food poisons your friends and they become sickened 1 and can’t reduce the condition for 12 hours.

Heightened (+1) Increase the Hit Points recovered by 5 and the temporary Hit Points by 1 (or twice each amount on a critical success).


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