Daily Punch 3-18-23 Bioenergetics biohacker field of study for Starfinder

I want my biohacker to heal. Let’s work on that!


With enough stimulants, we can make anything possible.

Booster: You push enough chemical into the target to make it’s body things its ready for anything. The target spends a resolve point and the target gains Stamina Points equal to half its total. After 10 minutes, the target becomes fatigued for 1 hour due to the chemical effects on the body. If this booster is used multiple times, extend the fatigued time by one hour for each use.

Inhibitor: You deliver an agent that simples overworks the body to exhaustion with none of the bonues. The target becomes fatigued for one hour if it fails a Fortitude saving throw.


You can use the following ability when you achieve the breakthrough for this field of study.

Chemical Deadening: As a standard action, you create and deliver a formula packed with enough chemicals to prevent the creature from feeling the effects of anything that happens to it for one minute. The target ignores any negative effects or conditions on it for one minute that don’t physically prevent from moving. After this minute, the target is fatigued for one hour. You can’t use the effects of Chemical Deadening to prevent this fatigued state from occurring.


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