Daily Punch 10-24-16 Split the Pot positive quality for Shadowrun 5e

When you shoot two target or punch two guys, you have to split it as equally as you can.  Let’s work on that…



Split the Pot______________
Cost: 10 karma
Sometimes balance is for suckers!  When you do an action that requires you to split your dice pool, you may elect to move up to half of the dice from any pool(s) and move them to other dice pool(s) of your choice.  You must leave at least one die in each pool.



Daily Punch 9-5-16 Itchy Trigger Finger interrupt action for Shadowrun 5e

I haven’t made a Shadowrun thing in a bit, so here is one!


Itchy Trigger Fingers


Interrupt Action (-5 Initiative Score)

Sometimes time is not on your side.  Some times you want that hot potato to bake a little more quickly.  When you throw a grenade with a wireless link, but you are not linked to it, you can reduce your initiative score by five to activate the grenade.  This will not reduce scatter.  The grenade may be dodged as normal.

Daily Punch 8-22-16 Hard Way positive quality for Shadowrun 5e

Ok, I lied.  One more Shadowrun idea!  How about a positive quality for those who like to do things the hard way.


Hard Way______________
Cost: 10 or 20 karma
There is always two ways to fix a problem: the easy way and YOUR way.  You might be a smart man, but you don’t show it.  You might be a strong headed lady who likes to run through obstacles because its the most painful way to get it done.  Either way, you like to do things rough.  For 10 karma, when you assemble your dice pool and you take at least a -4 to the pool, you gain a +1 bonus to the dice pool.  For 20 karma, you get the previous and when you assemble your dice pool and take a -10 to the dice pool, you gain a +2 dice to the dice pool.  These bonus dice are added regardless of the test type.




Daily Punch 8-19-16 Portable Router item for Shadowrun 5e

One last SR update for a bit.  How about an item?



Portable Router

Sometimes you need a router in the bush to start a small network.  It doesn’t connect to the regular matrix, so it will not alleviate any problems from not having a network connection.  But, it does eliminate noise penalties for network operations in its radius.  It’s not protected unless you have a comlink, deck, or RCC to protect it, but it does get the job done!  It has a range of 0.5 km per rating of the device.  This can be mounted to a drone or car costing the space of one weapon mount.

Availability          Price

Portable Router                rating X 3        rating x 2000Y

Daily Punch 8-18-16 Personal Network complex form for Shadowrun 5e

When you don’t got a matrix for your friends you make one!  Let’s make a complex form for all the technomancers out there!



Personal Network                                                
Target: Self • Duration:S  • FV: L – 3
When you work across the world, sometimes the matrix doesn’t come with you.  This won’t get you the same sense of being online, but it will make a matrix your friends can connect to so you can at least send messages back and forth.  Make a Simple Software + Resonance [Level] Test. For each hit you get, you can connect one device (commlink, RCC, deck, et al) to your simple matrix.  All devices connected to your personal matrix suffer no noise penalty while within your matrix’s area.  The radius of your network is equal to the level*0.25 km, centered on you..  Beyond your simple network, the noise penalty of all actions returns to normal.  This form will not alleviate any penalties you receive for not being connected to the matrix.  Uninvited devices can attack your complex form, and a mark will allow the device or icon to enter your matrix.



Daily Punch 8-17-16 WI-FI Sensitivity negative quality for Shadowrun 5e

It’s been a bit for Shadowrun.  Haven’t done this for a bit, so  let’s add somethings I thought up this weekend.


WI-FI Sensitivity_______________
Technomancer Only

Bonus:5,10, or 15 karma
In the 90’s, some kids said they could feel the WI-FI and it gave them hives.  That was bulldrek, but in the 60′, the 2060’s, some kids said they could feel when the matrix went out, and it hurts like coming off bad nova.  You get that feeling when you can’t get online.  For 5 karma, you take a penalty to all actions equal to the noise rating of a zone divided by 4 (minimum 1).  For 10 karma, you take a penalty to all actions equal to the noise rating of a zone divided by 3 (minimum 1).  And for 15 karma, you take a penalty to all actions equal to the noise rating divided by 2 (minimum 2).  If no noise is present, you take no penalty.  But, if a signal jammer or other device messes with the matrix, you take the penalty.



Daily Punch 5-18-16 Lay on Hands Adept Power for Shadowrun 5e

I like Emphatic Healing (Street Grimore), but I’d also like an option where I don’t have to take damage.  Let’s see if we can get some balance….



Lay On Hands

Cost: 1 PP Per Level

Activation: Simple Action

Channeling healing in the universe, you infuse the subject with healing power.  To accomplish this, the adept makes a Magic +Willpower[levels in Lay On Hands currently active] test.  For each hit, heal one box of damage.  This damage is healed at the rate of 1 box per initiative pass.  You must take a simple action each pass to sustain this power.  If you end the power before reaching the total amount of healing available, the extra boxes are lost.

Subjects with lower Essence are harder to heal with this power.  Apply a negative modifier equal to this subjects Essence loss (6- current Essence Rating, round down) to the dice pool for the initial check.

Thoughts?  Should this be a complex action?  Should it be per turn?  What are your thoughts?

Daily Punch 7-15-16 Martyr Mentor Spirit for Shadowrun 5e

How about something for shadowrun?



You care enough for others that you will die for them.  You can’t allow another to suffer in your place, and choose to suffer in the place of others.  You follow a spirit who cares about others, you, and the whole universe.  Following this spirit can cause difficulties as you begin to care for even your enemies like they are your neighbors.


All: +3 to assist attempts when you are not the lead on the check

Magician: +3 to all health spells used on others

Adept: gain Empathic Healing (Street Grimoire) as a bonus power


A martyr is unable to kill unless he/she has to.  When you attempt to deliver a killing blow to a person, you must make a successful Charisma+Willpower (3) test.  On a failure, your attack misses.  This is determined after damage is calculated.



Daily Punch 3-23-16 No_Clip spell for Shadowrun 5e

Here is a spell I’ve been thinking about for a long time and I want to get it out there to see what people think of it.  Why not be able to walk through walls in Shadowrun?




Type: P           Range: Self Only

Duration: S   Drains: F + 4 + Resistance Test for each half meter walked through (see below)

Game Genie


Type: P           Range: Touch

Duration: S   Drains: F + 7 + Resistance Test for each half meter walked through (see below)

The old pixel games had some awesome cheats to them.  One of the best was the No_Clip where you could walk through walls.  Now you can do that in real life!  You can’t walk through any living material and you can’t walk through living earth, but any mundane material could be walk through.  You will appear on the other side.  The force of the spell must be equal to the number of meters of material you must walk through, and for each half meter of material you attempt to walk through, you must roll the Objects Resistance dice pool and add all hits to the drain value of the spell.  Each round you sustain the spell, you must make the Drain roll. No_Clip can only be used on yourself, but Game Genie can be used on a character you touch while you sustain the spell.