Daily Punch 5-18-16 Lay on Hands Adept Power for Shadowrun 5e

I like Emphatic Healing (Street Grimore), but I’d also like an option where I don’t have to take damage.  Let’s see if we can get some balance….



Lay On Hands

Cost: 1 PP Per Level

Activation: Simple Action

Channeling healing in the universe, you infuse the subject with healing power.  To accomplish this, the adept makes a Magic +Willpower[levels in Lay On Hands currently active] test.  For each hit, heal one box of damage.  This damage is healed at the rate of 1 box per initiative pass.  You must take a simple action each pass to sustain this power.  If you end the power before reaching the total amount of healing available, the extra boxes are lost.

Subjects with lower Essence are harder to heal with this power.  Apply a negative modifier equal to this subjects Essence loss (6- current Essence Rating, round down) to the dice pool for the initial check.

Thoughts?  Should this be a complex action?  Should it be per turn?  What are your thoughts?

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