Daily Punch 3-23-16 No_Clip spell for Shadowrun 5e

Here is a spell I’ve been thinking about for a long time and I want to get it out there to see what people think of it.  Why not be able to walk through walls in Shadowrun?




Type: P           Range: Self Only

Duration: S   Drains: F + 4 + Resistance Test for each half meter walked through (see below)

Game Genie


Type: P           Range: Touch

Duration: S   Drains: F + 7 + Resistance Test for each half meter walked through (see below)

The old pixel games had some awesome cheats to them.  One of the best was the No_Clip where you could walk through walls.  Now you can do that in real life!  You can’t walk through any living material and you can’t walk through living earth, but any mundane material could be walk through.  You will appear on the other side.  The force of the spell must be equal to the number of meters of material you must walk through, and for each half meter of material you attempt to walk through, you must roll the Objects Resistance dice pool and add all hits to the drain value of the spell.  Each round you sustain the spell, you must make the Drain roll. No_Clip can only be used on yourself, but Game Genie can be used on a character you touch while you sustain the spell.



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