Daily Punch 9-2-14 Skilled Wire implant for Shadowrun 5e

Been thinking about data jacks and directly plugging in to a device.  Why not have a cord you can control?



Skilled Wire (rating 1-6)






rating x 300 Y

Skilled Wire is a single cord that is implanted either directly into your arm or leg and is directly connected to either a RCC, deck, internal commlink, or a datajack.  It can extend up to one meter.  Skilled wires have a pilot rating equal to its rating, can only be given commands remotely, never be actively piloted, but you are always consider to be directly connected to it and anything it connects to.  It can not be hacked as it and any device are consider to be connected, never in wireless mode. As a simple action, you can command Skilled Wire to directly connect to a device with a data jack.  Skilled Wire will attempt to do so stealthily with a stealth dice pool equal to double its rating.





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