Daily Punch 10-08-14 BioBox For Shadowrun 5e

My players built this custom during their last Shadowrun game.  I think this needs a build here.



Why sneak in when you can be delivered?  the biobox was designed for insertion/extraction jobs.  The box is sized for one human, two human, troll, or two trolls.  The box is led lined, interlaced with biological material prevents assessing, and temperature controlled to prevent thermal scans.  While not standard, the box can be upgraded with air tanks as it is air tight, sound dampeners, electrical warfare devices for electronic dampening, and medical equipment for keeping a target unconscious.


Item                   Cost                            Restriction

human                  2,000                             10

two human          3,000                             12

troll                        3,500                             14

two troll               5,000                             16


One thought on “Daily Punch 10-08-14 BioBox For Shadowrun 5e

  1. It is a good idea but I think you are underpricing it considerable. It uses lead, cheap but heavy, active biological material, expensive and difficult to maintain, and a thermal masking system which has to mask the system maintaining the biological masking plus the people inside and the lead will be acting as a heat sink. Not an easy technical fix especially if you are trying to make it look like just another shipping crate.

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