Daily Punch 10-27-14 BioReactor for Shadowrun 5e

Tired of always having to pay Horizon’s exorbitant fees when your buying back you own cells for your BioGel?  Well here is a way to get around that!



Cost Rating Quantity Produce
10,000Y  x BioReactor rating  BioGel rating x 2 BioReactor Rating x 10 units


Make your own BioGel!  Using this BioReactor, you produce the indicated quantity of BioGel in one day spending 1/5 of the cost of the BioGel you would normally spend.  To use the BioReactor, you must make a Biotech+Logic check with the DC equal to the rating of the BioGel being produced.  If you fail, the reagents used to make this batch of BioGel are lost.  This check is made at the end of a day producing BioGel.  The BioReactor produces the BioGel unassisted, so you you may do other things during a day when you produce BioGel.




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