Daily Punch 12-12-14 Dual Weapon Work quality for Shadowrun 5e

I have far to many players who want to dual wield guns.  Let’s see if we can help them.


Dual Weapon Work

Cost:  15 karma per level (1 to 3 levels)

You like to shoot a lot almost as much as you like your two guns.  It’s started to rub off on you.  When you split your dice pool to make an attack, and the attack is a simple action, for every level of this feet add back 1/4 of the dice you split to both pool.  As an example if you would roll 16 dice, and you make two weapon attacks with one level in this quality you would add back 2 dice to each attack if you split the attack with 8 dice to each weapon fired.  (4 for two levels, and 6 for three levels of this quality).

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