Daily Punch 4-27-15 Liquid Encouragement Positive Quality for Shadowrun 5e

I have a player who’s a face who wants to get bonuses when he’s tippsy.  Let’s make that happen.

Liquid Encouragement

Cost: 5 Karma per rank( 1 to 3 ranks)

Requirement: Addition(alcohol) quality

Sometimes you need a little bit of encouragement.  You get yours from a bottle.  When you’ve a bit bit to drink ( or a bit more), you get a little looser, and its gets everybody a little more money when you meet with the Johnson.  For every rank you have in this quality, you may take a -1 dice pool penalty in all logic checks and gain an equal bonus to all Social skills, a bonus to Social Limit, and High Pain tolerance equal to the total bonus gained by this quality.


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