Daily Punch 4-20-15 Barrister background for DnD 5e

If we’re making Daredevil in DnD 5e, we need somewhere who knows the law.  Let’s make an old timey lawyer- a barrister!


You know the law.  You’ve trained under smart men and women who taught you how to speak and how to convince.  You’re smart, driven, and convinced that the law is the only way to get true justice.

Skill Proficiencies: Persuasion, Nobility

Languages: Two of your choice

Equipment:A set of fine clothing, four books of local law from your home region, and a belt pouch containing 15 gp

Feature: Ability to Defend

As a barrister, you know the local law of most locations.  This provides you with the ability to defend those who run afoul of it, including yourself.  When you or an ally are accused of a crime by a lawful entity, you may speak in the defense of those individuals.  You are not guaranteed success, but you know how to ask for a trial instead of swift, brutal justice.  Also, any non lawful group such a mob may not listen to any defense you mount for you or your clients.

d8 Personality

1 I follow a barrister from the past as an example of how to live and how to interact with the law.

2 I use the law to my own ends twisting phrases as I see fit.

3 I see the law is merely a guideline that can be rigid or flexible as it needs to be.  This is how I see most of life.

4 The law as written is infallible and must be defended as such!

5 The fringes of the world need the gift of law to truly become great places.

6 I strive to constantly change the law to generate a more just society.

7 I will only serve the just and the law guides me to them.

8 Those who break the law often have deep pockets and thus must be defended from the law.

d6 Ideal

1 Greed. Only the finest in life will do! (Chaotic)

Order.  Without law we are no better than beasts. (Lawful)

Generosity. The weak must be defend by and from the law. (Good)

4 Authority. From the law, I demand control. (Evil)

Community. The law bring people together through common goals and hopes. (Good)

Aspiration. The law allows me a chance to better improve myself through a trade. (Any)

d6 Bond

1 Being a barrister doesn’t start cheep, and I’m indebted to someone.

2 I was on the wrong side of the law, and someone saved me from that fate.  Now I’m working to help others in the same boat.

3 I saved one of my companions from some repercussions of their actions.  Now I’m waiting for them to pay up.

4 I will make the world a better place one argument at a time.

5 I come from a place of chaos and now have seen a place ruled by order.  I will spread that order.

6 My family was poor, but found me this trade.  I will never let them be poor again!

d6 Bond

1 I can’t turn down those in trouble, no matter what the cause.

2 I can’t stand the poor.

3 If you don’t have coin then you are most likely guilty.

4 I can see guilt from a mile away.

5 I think everyone is innocent even when the evidence says otherwise.

6 I’m not proud of what I’ve done or said, and any who remind me get my full wrath.


One thought on “Daily Punch 4-20-15 Barrister background for DnD 5e

  1. I think that other bond is supposed to be ideals, right? Also, nobility isn’t a skill unless it would be knowledge (nobility) or proficiency in the knowledge skill might be a better idea.

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