Daily Punch 10-12-15 Scald spell for Shadowrun 5e

I’m teaching at a college, and in chem class we’re covering specific heat.  Water has the highest specific heat I can think of.  Let’s use that in SR!

Type: P Range: LOS Damage: P
Duration: F rounds Drain: F + 2
Type: P Range: LOS (A) Damage: P
Duration: F rounds Drain: F + 4
You know why the Stuffer Shacks Soupper Bites burn you so hard?  It’s the filling!  A few crazy mages are doing the same to their enemies.  It’s a tougher spell as it mixes water and fire magic at the same time, but it hurts like the dickens!  This spell hits either one target with a ball of super heated water or several targets.  The target(s) are all dealt fire damage as heat with none of that nasty extra fire in the area.  This damage is treated as fire for purposes of resisting and reducing damage.  However, what does happen is the targets are covered in boiling water that sticks on the target doing damage.  At the start of the targets first action each turn on its first initiative pass that turn, after the first the target is delta force – the number of rounds since the spell was cast fire damage again as the boiling water burns the target over time.  A target can avoid the subsequent damage by using a complex action to remove its soaked clothing or by brushing off the water.  If a mage critically cliches while casting this spell, the spell goes off prematurely and coats the mage in the water causing damage as if the spell was cast on the character.


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