Daily Punch 11-10-15 Ankle Bracelet negative quality for Shadowrun 5e

Prison are overcrowded in the real world.  Why wouldn’t they be even more overcrowded in the fake?  And why wouldn’t money hungry companies charge the state to manage the care of someone, and then charge the person for their freedom?  Let’s do this!

Ankle Bracelet
Bonus: 8 KARMA

You are a known commodity, Omae.  You got caught, and now you pay the price.  But, the gods, or more specifically the corporate court shined down on you, and now for the low, low price of your soul, you get out a little early.  You also got a nice new fancy foot gear, that you can never touch, never take off, and if you play with will land you back in the slammer!  You’re a marked man!  Individuals attempting to shadow or physically locate a character with this quality in a populated setting receive a +2 dice pool modifier on all tests related to their search as you can now be tracked via the matrix.  Also, if a crime occurs near you, any forces sent into the area will be aware of your presence and bring countermeasures specifically designed to neutralize you.  You may attempt to disable to device, but it is a rating 6 device or rating 8 host.  Any failed attempt instantly results in the police being called.  As an added bonus, you must also pay an extra Street-life style each month as a cost to be free.


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