Daily Punch 12-19-18 Lord Giveth, Lord Taketh spell for Starfinder

Ok, here is the Starfinder version of the same spell

Lord Giveth, Lord Taketh M1–6

School necromancy

Casting Time 1 standard action

Range touch

Targets one living creature

Duration instantaneous

Saving Throw Will half ; Spell Resistance yes

With a touch, you steal the life from a creature in range and and invigorate a different  target, restoring a number of Hit Points equal to the damage dealt. If the second target regains all of its Hit Points as a result of this spell, you can apply the remaining healing to yourself, as long as you are a living creature. On the other hand, if this isn’t enough to restore all the target’s Hit Points, you can transfer any number of your own Hit Points to the target, healing the target that amount. You can’t transfer more Hit Points than you have or more Hit Points than the target is missing.

Lord giveth, lord taketh damages the first target with a number of Hit Points of necrotic damage depending on the spell’s level.

1st: 1d4 + your Wisdom modifier

2nd: 3d4 + your Wisdom modifier

3rd: 5d4 + your Wisdom modifier

4th: 7d4 + your Wisdom modifier

5th: 9d4 + your Wisdom modifier

6th: 11d4 + your Wisdom modifier

Casting this spell doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity.



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