Daily Punch 4-3-19 Osteoblasted nanoware for Shadowrun 5e

Ed, haven’t seen much Shadowrun in a while, whats up?  LET’S FIX THAT!  TIME TO READ AND GET CAUGHT UP!


Nanoware                  Rating                 Availability                   Cost

Osteoblasted                1-6                         12F                             Rating x 7,500Y


These cultured cells are designed to enhance a users bone structure by further building the hard bones of a user and increasing density and durability.

When installed, the Osteoblasted (TM) increase the armor rating an an individual by provides its rating in Armor.  This increase in armor can be applied to other things such as worn armor and other nanotech such as smartskin, but may not be applied to other bone density increasing armor ratings such as bone density augmentation.

Osteoblasted also provides a second benefit of increased unarmed melee damage.  The melee damage is equal to  (STR + rating/2 (rounded down))P damage.





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