Daily Punch 12-28-20 Santa’s Little Helpers spell for DCC RPG

want to make a Santa patron, so we need some Santa spells!

Santa’s Little Helpers
Level: 2Range 30 feetDuration: 1 nightCasting time: 1 turnSave: N/A
GeneralThe caster brings forth servents of the master to do what must be done!
ManifestationRoll 1d4: 1-The caster stomps his staff and snow forms into the creatures summoned. 2-the caster flicks his wrist and creatures always there step into view. 3-when the caster claps his hands a blizzard springs forth and the creatures step forth. 4-the caster winks and the creatures appear.
CorruptionRoll 1d6: 1-4 minor, 5-6 major
MisfireRoll 1d4:(1)The caster’s mouth fills with sour taste to the point he gains a -4 attack rolls, saving throws, spell checks, and to initiative; (2) The caster’s bones turn to candy and break easly causing double damage for 1d6 rounds. (3) Everything tasts like candy so the caster tries to eat everythign and everyone for 1d4 rounds. (4)The caster must make a DC 10 Fort save or he turns into a cookie gingerbread man for 1d6 rounds. He can move freely as this cookie, but has a 1 for Strengh, Agiligy, and Stamina until the spell ends.
1Lost, failure, and worse! Roll 1d6 modified by Luck: (0 or less) corruption + patron taint + misfire; (1-3) corruption; (4) patron taint (or corruption if no patron); (5+) misfire.
2-11Lost, failure
12-13failure, but the spell is not lost.
14-15You summon forth a 1HD elven creature. this creature has a bonus to crafting things, climbing, and hiding equal to 1/4 your spell check result. these creatures follow you commands to the best of their ability. They build anything you want in 1/4 the time it normally takes.
16-19You summon forth 2d4 elven creatures as described below.
20-23You summon forth a 3HD flying reindeer.
24-30You summon forth eight 4HD flying reindeer and a sleigh. the sleigh is large enough to accommodate seven regular humanoids. the sleigh also comes with one elven creature as described below. all follow your commands. While at rhe helm of the sleigh, you see through all darkness and storms, noth magical and mundane.
31+You summon forth one 16 HD demon. this demon carries a cage and a whip. it is immune to fire and cold. ot can also teleport from darkness to darkness. It gains one step up the dice chain for any action against a creature that has performed an evil act in the last week.

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