Daily Punch 8-22-22 Divine Burst mystic spell for Starfinder

Ok, had to do the ground work so now we can get to the one I was hoping for!

Divine Burst

Classes Mystic 1
School transmutation
Casting Time 1 swift action or 1 reaction
Range touch
Targets one creature
Duration instantaneous


Your god imparts fraction of itself into your target helping it with its next task. You can cast this as a swift action on your turn or as a reaction to you or an ally making a skill check. The target gains a +5 divine bonus to the triggering skill check.



One thought on “Daily Punch 8-22-22 Divine Burst mystic spell for Starfinder

  1. Thanks for the fun posts!
    While the Divine Burst spell is interesting, it doesn’t mention whether it’s a stackable effect. What if another character also casts the spell on the same target (like at a church – the clergy could all get together and boost someone doing an important skill check, but I haven’t played Starfinder yet, so I may be missing some other thing.) Regardless, for me, at least, there’s a bigger, philosophical issue at hand in the description. It could be cleared up by a lil rewording. See, the spell all happens in a matter of seconds, but forces your god to immediately stop everything they were doing and help you bless someone. I would leave out that bit, as I can’t see a typical fantasy divine being doing that. It is also missing an “a” between imparts and fraction, but I’d remove all that bit anyway. Hope that helps – have fun!

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