Book Bout- The Companions (The Sundering Book 1)

Book- The Companions (The Sundering Book 1)

Author-R. A. Salvatore

TL;DR-A solid Drizzit book with almost no Drizzit! 80%


Synopsis-Over the past five Drizzit books, all of his companions have died and the world has moved forward over 100 years.  Now, all of Drizzit’s friends meet up in a demiplane of his goddess.  They are given the chance to reincarnate to help Drizzit in the future.  This book follows their journeys as they become younger versions of the heroes the used to be and return to help Drizzit.


Story-The story covers a lot of ground, but it does it fairly well.  It’s really three different main stories in one.  Each story covers Catti-bre, Regis, or Bruenor growing up and introducing a decent size cast of characters and locations along the way.  A portion of the story revolves around changes to the weave and the world, setting up some future events.  It’s reasonably well done and on par with R. A. Salvatore’s previous books.  I did think it was kind of funny a significant portion of a character’s inner monolog was dedicated to laying out that any character could die at any point, but really, it’s got the Harry Potter problem;  no main character at anytime was really in any danger.  4/5


Characters- I have to admit, I’ve never been a fan of Drizzit.  This is more to do with when I came into DnD then the character himself.  When I entered the hobby, Drizzit was well established and every drow I met was fighting across type and trying to redeem themselves.  Well, this book deals with that problem by just not having Drizzit in this book (almost).  The book really just focuses on his companions and how they grow up.  The characters stay pretty consistent and well designed.  I did have some real problems with Bruenor.  You will get really tired of his crap. 4/5


Writing- This is pretty much on par with what you would expect for R. A. Salvatore.  It’s fairly well done.  I’ve never been a huge fan of Drizzit’s philosophical treatises at the start of each section but these are kept to a minimum.  The style is well done, but some sections do drone on a bit longer than necessary and some elements seem a bit contrived.  However, it is worth the ride. 4/5


Summary- I liked this novel.  It’s not an instant classic, but for a DnD novel, it’s well done.  It expands the world and led me to want to read more about Drizzit.  Since I’m now hooked, I call this a win. 12/15- 80%

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