Book Bout- The Godborn (The Sundering Book 2)

Book– The Godborn (The Sundering Book 2)

Author-Paul S. Kemp

TL;DR–  New characters and not just a rehash of old ones! 86.7 %


Synopsis-This story focuses on Vasen, son of Kemp’s most renowned character Cale.  Vasen is the child of a chosen of a dark god and raised by clerics of a light god.  How and if Vasen can learn to walk these two paths, free his dead/sleeping father from the hells, and stop the apocalypse is to focus of this book.  Along the way Vasen will meet a strange cast of characters, see the Forgotten Realms Change around him, and most importanly, change who he once was.


Story– The story covers a lot of ground reintroducing a trilogy and all its characters as well as introducing a slew of new characters for Kemp’s next series.  It does feel like the purpose of the book is two fold: 1-set up a new book series 2-set up what happened to the Forgotten Realms.  It’s not bad, but you do feel like it has goals besides tell you a story.  However, this story does introduce new characters and it keeps them past the credits.  So, I feel that’s a win. 4.5/5


Characters– The Godborn brings back the characters from Kemp’s last three books, but also adds a few new characters.  Some of them didn’t get as much screen time, and it felt at times they were there because the fans would want them.  But, the book clocks in around 300 pages, so there isn’t space for everybody to get the spotlight the whole time.  I liked the characters as they felt well rounded.  This goes even for the characters I was supposed to hate.  However, this book does have a name problem.  Please don’t name two characters almost the same thing.  Especially if they share screen time!  4/5


Writing– This book is not for most of you out there.  Kemp loves to push the boundaries of what a DnD novel will get away with.  I was surprised to see what I read in the novel with lots of gore splattered throughout the novel.  This made me love this all the more.  This isn’t King, but it does do its job well. 4.5/5


Summary-I liked this book.  Again, don’t expect some George R.R. Martin levels of depth here, but George R.R. Martin wouldn’t write in the Forgotten Realms world.  Kemp delivers a good book that updates the Forgotten Realms and brings back some of his fan favorite characters. 86.7%

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