Daily Punch 12-10-14 Bad Leg quality for Shadowrun 5e

So, my legs are still screwed up from a possible pinched nerve.  I’ve been reading Shadowrun lately, so here is a negative quality based on that.


Bad Legs

Bonus: 7 karma per level (1 to 3 levels)

You’ve either got two left feet or maybe none at all.  Maybe you have some bad cyberware that just doesn’t work quite right.  For some reason you don’t move as fast as you should.  For each level you take in this quality, reduce your agility score when determining your movement by one.  You can only take as many levels in this as you have agility.  If you effective agility drops to zero, you are considered immobile and must move around in a wheelchair.  If you are in a wheelchair, you can move a number of meters equal to your strength score each round as a simple action.



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