Daily Punch 1-12-15 Air Rifle for Shadowrun 5e

I got a present for Christmas.  No it wasn’t from Red Rider, but it was an air rifle.  Funny thing about air rifles, the Austrians used to use them to fight the Nazies.  Maybe it’s not that bad a weapon.  Here are my stats for it.


Air Rifle 5 2S or 5P 1 SS 1 BB 2 100 Y

An air rifle is not a weapon that will take down your average dragon.  However, if you aim right and know what you’re doing, you can do some serious damage.  When you make an attack with an air rifle, if you were hidden when you made the attack you are still hidden.  The weapon normally does 2S damage.  However, if your target glitches his or her dodge roll or is unaware of the attack, the damage of the weapon is 5p.



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