Ring Side Report- RPG Review of Dues for the Dead

Ring Side Report- RPG Review of Dues for the Dead

Product– DDEX 1-04 Dues for the Dead

System– Dungeons and Dragons 5e

Producer– Wizards of the Coast

Price– FREE

TL; DR-An amazingly long dungeon crawl! 93 %


Basics– The dead walk, and that’s a problem for the priests of the dead.  Adventures are called to the Valhingen Graveyard to find the cause of these undead.  Will you answer the call?


Mechanics or Crunch– Mechanically, this game pretty much a by the book dungeon crawl.  It’s a fun romp that does have a lot of undead in it.  As a low level adventure, it’s got all the greatest hits you can expect.  Don’t expect a ton of new content, but get ready for a fun catacomb crawl.  4.5/5


Theme or Fluff-  You know what I want out of a four hour experience?  I want a crazy long dungeon crawl!  This adventure covers an extreme amount of ground.  Honestly, go big or go home!  There is also a ton of encounters and a ton of roleplay.  The players work with an acolyte who is a reluctant addition to the party.  She doesn’t steal the show, but she provides an awesome counterpoint to just having to kill wave after wave of monsters.  No one will be bored during this adventure.  5/5


Execution-Hay, it’s free!  That gives this some slack.  Usually I expect more pictures from a RPG product to break up the text, but for these free productions I’m ok.  The layout is ok, but I would like a bit more content spotlighted such as items, gold, and room highlights with either bold text or subsection on room descriptions.  That is a constant complaint I have for the current Adventure League adventure format, but again for free content, I’m pretty happy with what’s here.  Also, the adventure comes with two different maps: an awesome one of the whole catacombs and another of just the final encounter.  That helps groups that want to play up-close and tactile and for groups that want to play theater of the mind.  It’s got my constant complaints for layout, but all and all, it’s a good product.  4.5/5


Summary-I’m kind of biased on this one.  My favorite characters to play are clerics, and my favorite enemies to fight are undead.  Let’s write an adventure to me specifically!  Sure there are a few problems with layout like no art to break up text and honestly this is a by the book dungeon crawl, but this is a GOOD by the book dungeon crawl.  It’s large, has great roleplaying moments with your constant acolyte companion and “other” things that pop up over time, and build on the current story arc well.  I had a blast running it.  My players have always had a blast playing in it.  And now none of us can wait to see what’s next!  93%


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