Daily Punch 3-12-15 Bow Expert feat for DnD 5e

How about some feat for DnD 5e.  If there is a crossbow feat for DnD 5e, then let’s make a longbow/short bow feat for DnD 5e!

Bow Expert

Your skill and speed with the longer bows makes you a formidable foe.  Gain the following benefits:

  • Increase the damage dice for any longbow or shortbow you you by one step.  As an example a d6 weapon would instead deal a d8.
  • As a bonus action each round, you can shoot one additional arrow with a longbow or a shortbow.
  • As a reaction each round, you can make an attack with a shortbow or longbow when an enemy moves into its melee range and engages you for the first time.  This one attack does not suffer disadvantage.


3 thoughts on “Daily Punch 3-12-15 Bow Expert feat for DnD 5e

    1. I think I can see you have way. Maybe each turn you can use a bonus action to make the attack or reaction range attack instead of getting both every turn. I still like to give the options, but I think you are right that both every turn is a bit much.

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