Daily Punch 4-6-20 Tortured Shield sentient magic item for DnD 5e

Welp I got a dare to make a shield that enjoys being hit, let’s make this happen!



Tortured Shield

Armor (shield), legendary (requires attunement by a character with a Constitution score of 14 or more)

The tortured shield  is a battered, broken and repaired tower shield that is little more than scraps of metal bolted together that stands taller than a man.

History This shield containing the soul of a paladin who was captured by the agents of the king of hell. Dragged to the lower planes, he was tortured till he forgot his name but never giving up his faith.  He only remembered defending the weak and learned to love the pain inflicted on himself.  His soul was used to forge a shield that was gifted to the greater gods as a token of how any could be broken.  As he never broke his oath, he now continues to serve as a defender of his people

Enhanced defense Tortured Shield grants its barer a +3 bonus to AC.

Ever Defender When attuned to this item, you gain a reaction where you can be the target of any attack targeting an ally in the same engagement as you.

Love of the Lash When a creature makes an attack against the wielder of the Tortured Shield and fails to hit you is within three of your armor class, you can choose to have the attack hit.  If you do so, you can resistance to that attacks damage and all damage for one round as well as advantage on all checks, attacks, and saves for one round.

Unfailing Once per day, when you would fail a saving throw against a mental effect, you can choose to succeed instead.


Sentience. The Tortured Shield is a Chaotic Good shield, that can only provide the barer with emotions of a duty and a desire to be in the middle of any combat with a desire to take the blows instead of your friends to whoever is attuned to it as long as they hold the shield.  Telepathy feeling only Intelligence:8 Charisma:20 Wisdom:16
Personality. The Tortured Shield is a hero that has been beaten, but not had his faith broken.  He has lost words and knows only the joy of pain and service.  He will not do evil and will fight who hope the hurt the naive or innocent.  He likes it when the user is battered in the service of others while preventing his or her friends from balling.  Though as his bond with the wielder grows he hates any and all praise being heaped upon the barer or the shield, finding joy only when mocked and critiqued for either of their failings.

Destruction of The Tortured Shield It is possible that the shield to be finally broken.  If used as a focus of an evil spell to hurt another by an attuned user, the shield is finally broken as the paladin inside fully falls from grace.


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