Daily Punch 2-16-15 Lich Bloodline Sorcerer

If you get power from you life blood as a 5e sorcerer, could you get power from you unlife blood?  Let’s find out


Lich Bloodline Sorcerer

Be it a magic ritual gone wrong or simply the touch of the grave, you have gained magic power at the escalating cost of losing your life essence.  Maybe you are searching for a cure.  Maybe you enjoy the power the comes and don’t mind the cost of your soul.


Between Life and Death

At first level, you’ve started to gain the pallor of the dead.  You gain resistance to all non-magical weapon attacks from creatures with a CR of 1/2 your level or below as well as necrotic resistance.  Gain the Chill Touch cantrip, but this spell now has a range of touch.


Command Minions

Starting at 6th level, you gain the bonus spell animate dead at the highest spell level you can cast.  Add your charisma modifier to the any undead you animated attack rolls and ability checks.


Phylactery Construction

Starting at 14th, you’ve learned enough about what your about to become to truly master some aspects of it.  You can construct a Phylactery at no cost for your first one.  If you die, you appear next to it in 1d4 days at full hit points with no negative effects or any other effects you were under when you died.  You may not be resurrected via any other methods now.  If your first phylactery is destroyed, you may spend 1000 gp to rebuild it.


True Lich

Starting at 18 level, your apotheosis to the undead is complete.  You are now a complete lich.  You no longer sleep, eat, drink, or breath.  Gain a +3 bonus to your armor class for natural armor as you become withered flesh and bone.  You gain resistance to cold and lightning damage as well as resistance to all non magical weapon damage.  You can not be charmed, exhausted, frightened, paralyzed, or poisoned.

2 thoughts on “Daily Punch 2-16-15 Lich Bloodline Sorcerer

  1. As I understand, unless undead things can reproduce with a living creature, this ain’t happening. I could see this being an option for Wizards with school of necromancy but not Sorcerers.

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