Daily Punch 11-27-15 Trained by Another feat for DnD 5e

Some of the most interesting things from the Sword Coast Adventurers guide were the number of new class archetypes that were only for one particular race.  Let’s change that.

Trained by Another

You’re one in a million.  Among all the races of the realms, you found a way to train with another group.  Most there don’t like you and maybe a few there tolerate you, but at least one sees something special in you.  This one has trained you in the secret traditions of there race.  Gain the following benefits:

  • Choose a class path that you normally could not take due to race restrictions.  You can now take that class’s path, and count as a member of that race for other feats and abilities.  This feat does not give you any race specific abilities.
  • Gain 1 in one of the stats a member of that race would increase at character generation to a maximum of 20.  This bonus may be either in the primary stat gained by all members of that race, or in the bonus gained by a subgroup of that race.



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