Ring Side Report- RPG Review of Monsternomicon: Kyuss and His Faithful


ProductMonsternomicon: Kyuss and His Faithful

System– DnD 5e

Producer– Wizards of the Coast

Price– Pay what you want at http://www.dmsguild.com/product/170843/Monsternomicon-Kyuss-and-His-Faithful?term=Patric&filters=45469_0_0_0_0_0

TL; DR-What we should see from the DM Guild. 99%


Basics-The Worm that Walks is back!  This book is a fan submission to DMguild.com detailing Kyuss, his priests, and his monsters.  This short volume introduces the god, his mechanics and history, as well as some new monsters, spells, and a whole new cleric domain.

Mechanics or Crunch-Fan content can go either way-either amazingly good or horribly bad.  This book is amazingly good.  In a book about a god, I wasn’t expecting much, but honestly what’s here is phenomenal.  You get crunch on him, how he works, and how his priests work.  The rot grub is back, and that makes me very happy.  They are as DEADLY as ever, and they should be.  The fact this thing has domains, monsters, and spells is icing on a great cake.  Kyuss himself is a ~bit~ overpowered, but that doesn’t take away from the whole book. 4.9/5


Theme or Fluff-I didn’t know much about Kyuss when I starting reading, but I think now I could run a whole campaign on the god.  It’s enough to get you running and has threats that a DM could use to put the fear of this dark god in their players.  It reads quick, and it’s well done. 5/5

Execution-This is my first DM Guild product, and as fan content, I was apprehensive.  But, this book is NOT just slapped together.  There are pictures to break up text, the format isn’t a distraction, and it’s not too long to wear out its welcome.  This is the kind of content I want to see on the DM Guild going forward. 5/5

Summary-This is a fun book about a dark god.  I enjoyed what I read here, and honestly at the price of pay what you want, you should go get this for free to check it out.  If you like it, throw a buck to the creator for his good work after you’ve read it.  It’s got spells, a domain, monsters, and a campaign ending threat that could destroy the universe.  All that is an amazing combination in a small product that still has time to give some great story on the Worm that Walks.  GO NOW!  Read this thing at least for free to see how to produce good content for the DM Guild. 99%

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