Daily Punch 2-12-16 Yaka Arrow magic item for DnD 5e

My wife and I spent our time watching movies trying to figure out what class all the actors are.  It’s time for an item to come from Guardians of the Galaxy..


Yaka Arrow

Arrow, rare (requires attunement)

This arrow has 7 charges.  Each day at sunrise the arrow regains 1d6 charges.  When the attuned character whistles, the arrow floats in the air and attacks up to 1d6 creatures doing an automatic 1d6 magic piercing damage to each target.  The arrow ignores cover, obscurement, and only relies on the attuned character knowing that the target exists.  The Yaka Arrow will not cross planes by itself and must remain within 200 feet of the attuned character.  If the last charge is used, roll a d20.  On a 1, the arrow turns back into a regular arrow.  Any character that can catch an arrow throw any method, can deflect or catch the arrow.



2 thoughts on “Daily Punch 2-12-16 Yaka Arrow magic item for DnD 5e

  1. I would add that it shouldn’t work within a zone of silence. And instead of only giving it 7 charges, if a player wanted to build a character around this weapon, I’d stagger the number of attacks it can make in one round. maybe add a new attack that can be directed at the same target, or a target within a certain distance every other level? That way you have 10 attacks with this weapon at level 20, in addition to your extra attacks gained by regular leveling? But the draw back is you can’t control more than one, and you can’t wield another weapon at the same time as controlling this weapon. I would also let it take regular weapon enchantments, up to +5 like normal weapons.

    I’d love to make a sinister whistling bard. lol

    1. Obviously, I wouldn’t allow it to auto hit if I were going to make it a regular weapon. And I’d probably drop the range down to 60-120 feet…

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